Auto wrecking yards

Auto wrecking yards are also referred to as junkyards and salvage yards; these names refer to the purpose of the business itself. Automobiles of any sort that have been wrecked or are otherwise inoperable usually end up in a wrecking yard so their customers can salvage parts from these vehicles in order to repair their own.

Rusty’s Auto Salvage

Many auto wrecking yards are locally owned and serve a very small area, but Rusty’s Auto Salvage is an exception to that rule. This nationwide business promises to pay real cash for wrecked or inoperable motor vehicles anywhere in the country. The amount of money a customer will receive for a wrecked, damaged or high-mileage car depends upon the make, model and condition of the vehicle itself and whether the car can be salvaged or sold for parts. With Rusty’s Auto Salvage, customers simply call for a quote; Rusty’s does the rest. They will send out a tower that they have worked with in the past who will pay the customer cash on the spot and tow the vehicle to the local Rusty’s lot absolutely free of charge.

Junk My Car

Junk My Car is another fantastic example of a nationwide auto wrecking yard that can haul away junk or wrecked cars for real cash. The nature of this business is a bit different, however; Junk My Car will buy any vehicle, regardless of its condition. This means that anyone who may be having difficulty with selling an unwanted automobile can contact Junk My Car for a quote. Like other auto wrecking yards, Junk My Car is also a great option for getting cash for wrecked vehicles. These vehicles do not need to take up precious space in backyards and storage units; a single call to Junk My Car can result in cash in the owners’ pockets in less than 24 hours.

Local Salvage Yards

Although there are several trusted auto wrecking yards that operate all over the country, most locations boast one or two salvage yards nearby. While the quotes offered by companies such as Rusty’s or Junk My Car can seem substantial, potential customers should keep in mind that they may be paying extra to have their automobiles hauled away simply due to the size of the company itself. As an alternative, these people can check their local Yellow Pages for auto salvage yards in their area. These businesses can likely provide an estimated purchase price over the phone based upon the vehicle’s make, model, year and condition. Not all local junkyards will haul vehicles for free, however, and it may be up to the seller to make the delivery.

Disposing of an unwanted, wrecked or inoperable automobile can seem like a daunting task if people are unsure of how to go about it. Auto salvage yards—whether nationwide or local—can provide a one-stop answer to anyone’s salvage needs. These businesses pay top dollar for any vehicle regardless of its condition and then haul it out of their customers’ yards, storage units and minds forever.